Javier Garcia Ureña, illustrator and concept designer
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Javier García Ureña (Madrid 1978) studied Physics at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. During his university years he also studied art at Talleres Creativos C-10 where he learned illustration, comic and design for more than five years. Once the courses ended he studied the masters, and he acquired great understanding of anatomy, perspective, composition and colour theory, improving also his knowledge of different art techniques such as aerography, acrylics, oil, watercolor. also learning digital illustration techniques, and the use of web design tools. Thanks to his great training he manages to work in multiple fields: children illustration, science fiction and fantasy, didactic, corporative design, comic and concept design.

Some of his artworks highlights are magazine covers and short stories illustrations (Galaxia magazine), children illustration, book covers (Gotas, Equipo Sirius, Ariel), didactic drawings for guides and educative books (Pescados), corporative design (Quodem), comic (Hua Kung studios), etc.

For long time he has been working for a scientific research centre where he has learned the importance of ending work on time, and that responsibility and professionalism are essential in jobs with dead lines.

His diversity of styles, from children drawing to corporative design, including fantasy illustration and comic, qualifies him for any kind of creative job.

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